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This marketing and product support section contains high-resolution marketing collateral and image files of Amoy products for promotional purposes only.

We also have marketing tools and tips for restaurants to promote popular items. With competitors both large and small, today’s independent foodservice establishments can easily order ready-to-heat foods and keep customers coming back for more.

Amoy offers more than healthy profit margins. We can help you:

  • Choose which products to use for your menu
  • Use products in your operation
  • Get ideas to add our recipes to your menu
  • Choose or create merchandising tools to help market appetizers

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Steam Basket Ideas

Basket of foodservice Amoy Asian Shrimp Shaomai in a restaurant setting

Using a steam basket is a traditional and healthier way to serve dim sum.

Amoy appetizers hold very well under steaming.

Happy Hour Appetizers

Amoy Potstickers, Spring Rolls and Asian Specialties are excellent

for Happy Hour appetizer platters with quick and easy execution!

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