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According to Technomic, over the past five years, Asian menu items have increased by 18%, proving that Asian growth continues to be strong. The number of Asian restaurants keeps growing, and consumers are eating more Asian food away from home than ever before. With these numbers in mind, Amoy has cornered the market by being the frozen Asian food supplier for all your authentic Asian needs.

Innovative Packaging

Amoy products are tray-packed or without tray in multiple thick poly-bags to maintain their quality, preventing freezer burn and breakage and providing convenient storage. Each package has a 12- to 18-month shelf life, ensuring a consistent, fresh, high-quality product every time.


Browse through our product categories to find the world of products Amoy can offer your operation. Be sure to check out our newest products as well as original recipe and menu ideas.

Product Categories

An Asian vegetarian staple, these delicate pastries are filled with authenticity. Serve deep-fried for a golden brown crispy texture.

Combining tasty sauces, succulent meats and crunchy vegetables wrapped in crispy-thin pastry, the spring roll is as full of dynamic flavor as its name implies. Excellent texture and flavorful fillings make these Amoy spring rolls a golden addition to your menu, with easy preparation and consistently high quality.

A delicate pastry filled with meats or vegetables. Perfect for steaming, pan frying or deep-frying.

Delicate pastry and flavorful fillings featuring a range of gourmet ingredients make Amoy’s potsticker varieties favorites on any menu. Served crispy or steamed, the result is authentic flavor that satisfies with every bite.

Bun with Twisted Top

Available filled or ready-to-fill, Amoy’s authentic Asian buns are versatile additions to your appetizer or buffet menu. Featuring tender roasted pork, our tasty Char Siu Bao is a dim sum super star.

Thin, steam cooked noodles made from wheat flour. Excellent for stir-fries, noodle soups or noodle salads. Most popular Japanese “Fried Noodle.”

Add authentic Asian flavor to your menu with these easy-to-prepare Amoy noodles that provide the versatile base for a wide range of traditional and creative dishes. Amoy noodles are precooked (except Japanese Ramen), offering consistent quality, long hold times and excellent portion control. They are also cost-effective with yield increase. Try them on your menu today!

Rice Bowl

Ready-to-use Amoy Fried Rice offers authentic flavor and texture, with unmatched versatility and excellent portion control for individual or bulk serving. Serve more Asian flavor with less labor and prep time with Amoy!

Shrimp & Vegetable Dumpling—A delicious combination of shrimp and tender Chinese vegetables. Steam or deep-fry to serve as an appetizer platter, entrée accompaniment or salad.

Tradition and variety in every bite make your dim sum a customer favorite. Enhance your appetizer and catering menu with Asian specialty delights with bold flavor and authentic appeal.


For traditional, authentic Asian flavor, you can’t beat the bold and rich flavor of Amoy Rangoons. They are perfect as appetizers with a signature dipping sauce, or can be used as a side dish along with an entrée or Asian salad.

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