Why Trust Amoy Asian Foods

Genuine Inspiration

Amoy Asian Foods are made from authentic Asian recipes using the freshest ingredients and the highest standards of quality, guaranteeing a genuine eating experience for your customers.


For the past 100 years, Amoy Asian Foods has led the charge in introducing the world to exciting Asian foods. Founded in Southern China, our commitment to quality and authenticity has helped to earn our reputation of excellence throughout the global foodservice community. Our products are made to exacting standards using century-old traditional Chinese recipes.


Basket of foodservice Amoy Asian Shaomai in a restaurant setting

A World of Flavor

Serving authentic Asian dishes has never been so easy. Amoy helps you make a great impression by adding quality, depth, convenience and delicious flavor to any menu, such as authentic Asian specialty items and noodles made with a traditional appearance and high-quality products with bold flavors that are easy to prepare.


Developed for convenience and versatility, our products are easy to prepare and ready to serve in minutes, whether you are deep-frying, baking or steaming. Our products are perfect as pass-around snacks, side dishes or accompaniments for any occasion.


See our Full Product Line for a complete list of our Asian products, as well as original recipe and menu ideas.