Pate of foodservice Amoy Asian Pork Belly Bao in a restaurant setting

Pork Belly Bao

Pork Belly Bao
  1. Amoy folded bao bun (#04031)
  2. Grilled fresh pork belly (mixed with Amoy stir-fry sauce)
  3. Scallion, cucumber sweet and sour slaw
  4. Hoisin sauce
Per Bun
  1. 3/4th oz-1 oz protein depending on cost
  2. 1/2 oz of vegetable/ salad type component
  3. 1/8 oz of condiment / sauce type spread on bun
  1. Butterfly Bao Buns Recipe Ideations
  2. The basic assembly procedures: 3- 4 buns per serving (Steam for 10 minutes or Deep fried at 375F for 2 -3 minutes or until golden brown)