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  • Bowl of foodservice Amoy Asian Chow Mein Noodles in a restaurant setting


    Amoy Builds New State of the Art Noodle Factory

    In the past few years the demand for noodles has skyrocketed with dishes like the ramen burger and just ramen in general becoming social media sensations. The same applies to uni pasta, Szechuan-style spicy noodles, and other dishes that are commonly photographed and shared online....
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  • Plate of foodservice Amoy Asian Yakisoba Noodles in a restaurant setting


    The Science Behind Noodles: Exploring New Flavors, Textures

    Noodles of all types ranging from chow mein to udon have been enjoyed for centuries, and at Amoy we have been providing Asian restaurants with a wide variety of noodles and other Asian foods for the past 100 years. Simply said, we have a passion...
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